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The Dreamery provides spirituality for the mission-driven

This is the era of the maker.  That is the message of the billions companies are investing into the internet.  They want people to make something of themselves – something of their dream.

Today, creators (founders) and funders (venture capitalists) are converging around big ideas and expansive financial profit.  In time, many of them experience a need for a greater depth of purpose – the gap between their life choices and their vision not yet realized.

That’s why our mission, as a venture spirituality firm, is to provide an entrepreneurial spirituality as a sacred service and a meaningful foundation to define authentic success.

We believe that makers of all kinds, from founders, small business owners, and creators of all kinds will find spirituality to enable their difference-making and ultimately become lead mission-driven lives.

For Creators

Discern your calling as a maker and clarify your vision for the impact that you desire

For Churches

Provide young people with an immersive ministry that nurtures their vocational discernment

For Funders

See investment and giving as a spiritual practice yielding results that benefit all

For Organizations

Increase collective performance through focus, honesty, and clarity of vision, mission, and purpose


Orion Groups

Everyone gets matched according to their personal and leadership characteristics. Each individual pursues their own vision. But, everyone helps by actively listening and thinking things through, together. These are not the typical opinion-based small groups - these are teams for collaboration without being in the same company.

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Let's Partner Up!

We welcome thoughts, ideas, and proposals on how a partnership with you or your organization can benefit people, a collective, and our world.

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