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Our Manifesto

We envision a future of work that is based on faith and that leads to a greater sense of fulfillment.

The Problem

Beyond recreation, travel has been a powerful key to the nurturing of the soul.

  • Trips away allow for an individual to reflect upon life from the vantage point of a different location or cultural context.

It has been so effective that organizations have been, for a while now, traveling for its most important matters.

  • Often, it’s about exercising imagination and believing that it’s worth putting in the work for a better future.

Unfortunately, it takes time, money, and, for parents, a lot of arranging to make it happen.

So, what if the benefits of travel could be available in everyday life, for just about anyone and anytime?

The Solution

Well, that’s The Dreamery – we call ourselves a travel agency for the soul.

  • Every Sunday, we post a customized 3-min guided retreat via podcast – based on how you feel about work. It’s anonymous, free, and only takes one minute.

It’s not meditation or mindfulness.

  • You don’t need to pause at some point in the day to do that and only that – it’s during an activity of your choice.

It’s not cycling or group exercise.

  • You are on your own – you just have the voice of a guide leading you through some things to think about.

It’s not a book group or bible study.

  • The curriculum is you and your life – only you know what you are like and we just help you see things in a new way.

It’s our way of helping you put your own sense of faith to work, kinda literally.

The Focus

Why make it about work?

  • We believe that work is a context with great potential for social, inter-personal, and individual good.

Yet, we do not see the kind of resources required for a future of work of faith (and more importantly, hope).

  • Instead, work has been more about ego, exploitation, ladder-climbing, and performance at any cost.

So, this is The Dreamery – a more easy way for ordinary people to experience the extraordinary in their everyday.

Also, we believe that HR-based employee well-being, wellness, and mental health systems are limited in effectiveness.

  • We expect for individuals to more authentically engage in matters of vocation, self-worth, and their future when their employer is not involved.
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