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The Dreamery offers 50-min personal retreat sessions for discernment, clarity, or simply exploration of career-related matters of the soul.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, our personal retreats are not clinically therapeutic. Meaning, they are not intended to be used as treatment for clinically diagnosed psychological or other mental conditions.

Our personal retreats are designed, first, for those who find our audio-based retreats helpful. Usually, such persons are in a creative line of work, but who have found it difficult during the pandemic. And, they are seeking resonance with their situation – something a therapist, counselor, or clergy-person might not fully understand.

Basically, our specialist and a client connect on Zoom (or over the phone) for 50-minutes. The session typically is about 20-minutes of a particular inner practice and then 30-minutes of reflection.

Usually, the client is expected to provide a description of how they are feeling prior to the session.

A 50-minute session is $50, paid online.

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